Accelerate your growth without losing money.

Analytics and forecasts to help you to go from data to insight to action and reduce the risks of losing money.

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Forget about pain pulling and joining data from multiple accounting, marketing and sales software.

Simulate Business Model.

Create and simulate a business model without an extensive knowledge in mathematics and statistics.

Easily build and examine your business model to figure out how profitable it is going to be and what cash flow bottlenecks you may face on the path to success.

Kinchaku Beta
Analyze Actual Data
Analyze Actual Data

It takes a certain amount of skill and time to do analysis of data aggregated by various BI software – we have done all dirty job for you.

Predict The Scale
Predict The Scale

Get forecasted revenue and growth projections to be prepared to update your business processes, to adjust your business model, or to start a next investment round.

Kinchaku Beta | 事業のバリエーション
Business Valuation

Multiple financial forensic tools which will help you quickly analyze the present value of your business which you can use in your pitch to prospective investors or existing stakeholder.