is a platform with everything you need to run modernized and profitable business.


Design and distribution of mobile wallet enabled point cards, stamp cards, discount coupons, membership cards, admission tickets, and event tickets.

Adopt native capabilities of Apple Wallet and Google Pay to deliver flawless mobile experience. No need to develop, maintain and promote proprietary apps.


main features

Loyalty program

Design native and unique membership cards, discount coupons, stamp cards and point cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Provide 100% mobile experience to your customer and spare them from downloading new apps.

Drive Engagement

Send personalized messages directly to customers lock screen at any time or trigger location-based notifications to customers who are nearby your business.

Sell event tickets

Create an event listing page or embed checkout widget to your website with built-in payment processing and analytics. Let your attendees pay online and get paid out quickly to your bank account.

Customer management

Keep track of your customers in powerful and intuitive CRM. Easily connect import and export any contact information. Slice and filter customer data to get the most complex business insights.

Revenue management

Keep track of recurring and non-recurring revenue as well as offline sales. Issue refunds, send invoices. Every transaction is written to the secure database with a full audit trail.

Product management

Create Products or Services catalog with various Pricing Plans and add-on items to sell them online via Kinchaku widget. Provide your customers with easy and secure checkout and receive payments to your bank account (only Japan).

Cost management

Plan budget, track business costs and operating expenses in accounting ready sheets that will provide you business insights. Easy and intuitive operation requires no specialized skills.

Embedded widget

Distribute discount coupons, stamp cards, membership cards, point cards, sell admission and event ticket or collect subscription payments in a widget that can be embedded to any web site. Collect statistics, drive customer insights and generate traffic.

Mobile App

Native Android and iOS application for scanning passes with tickets, stamp cards, discount coupons, membership and point cards. Collect statistics, track usage and make sure only authorized parties can validate passes.


Kinchaku works with external services such as Freee accounting software, Mailchimp mail marketing tool, Hubspot inbound marketing and sales software, Stripe payment processing provider and Google.

Payment processing

Kinchaku uses Stripe - world-leading payment processing software, to securely send and receive payments. This allows us to provide you with low commission, easy verification, and fast payouts.

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