Subscription management platform for small and medium enterprises

Kinchaku takes care of time consuming and complicated metrics calculation, billing, payments and customer activity analysis, so you could concentrate on making your customers happy.

No credit card required.

Kinchaku SaaS

Main Features


revenue manager

A service that helps you to monitor your revenues and spend less time on analyzing and understanding your business.


cost manager

A service that helps you to spend less time to manage the costs of goods and operating expenses even without any accounting knowledge.


product manager

A database for subscription products, plans and non-recurring charges. Can be linked with Stripe for better operation and advanced automation.


contact manager

A database for your business contacts of vendors, partners, subscribers, and customers.  Integration with MailChimp, Google, Stripe allows you to centralize persona data management.

Kinchaku makes possible for any offline service to launch a subscription business in 1 day.

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Start using business data to track and analyze performance of your subscription business.