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KINCHAKU application is a friendly and native mobile app that will speed-up checkout at offline shops. The application provides fast and simple way to redeem coupons, collect stamps and check membership cards.

  • It takes a long time for a customer to find a stamp card or coupons in their purse or wallet
  • I want to increase second purchases rate, but the cost of developing a custom solution is way too high
  • Customers forget or lose stamp cards
  • I want to provide my customers with top-notch loyalty program and stop wasting paper

KINCHAKU application is a perfect solution both for entrepreneurs and shoppers with these problems!

Promote “customer acquisition and retention” for cafes, beauty salons, co-working spaces, retail stores, fitness center or any other businesses that don’t feel the effect from a conservative approach with paper cards and want to know exactly how much those coupons and stamp cards rewards cost and how often they are used. So why not make yourself and your customers happy with digitalization?

After the Stamp Card, Coupon, Membership Card or Event Ticket is created in KINCHAKU Web app, your customer just needs to add it to their native smartphone wallet. Your cards will be among customer’s credit cards! All you need is to scan a QR code from a customer’s wallet with the KINCHAKU app. Now you can add stamps, redeem coupons and check-in members with one touch!

How to use KINCHAKU App

  1. Launch the KINCHAKU app.
  2. Log in with your email address and password registered in KINCHAKU web site.
  3. Choose back or frontal camera and scan the customer’s Pass – a Coupon, Stamp Card, Membership Card or Event Ticket.

In the case of Stamp Cards, you can select the number of stamps to be added and the reward you want to issue on the next step.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it from the login page.

Stamp Cards, Coupons, Membership Cards and Event Tickets created with KINCHAKU can be easily added to the iOS or Android native wallets. To distribute them you can place printed QR code in your store, Facebook page, homepage or send it by e-mail via KINCHAKU web site or your usual mailbox.

After your customer will scan the QR code they can add your cards in just one click where they will be securely stored next to the most important digital objects, like credit cards and boarding passes.

With KINCHAKU, you will increase customer satisfaction and retention without high costs.

The App is Free to use!

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